1. Art.sy, a genome sequencer for art?

    via Wired.com

    If Art.sy succeeds, it could upend what remains one of the last cultural precincts largely untouched by the digital revolution—changing not just how art is sold but also what art is sold and to whom. By teasing out traits in artworks that link them together aesthetically and historically, Art.sy can draw on buyers’ own taste to suggest other works to them, in some cases circumventing (if not entirely dispensing with) the choices put forward by gallerists and critics. On Art.sy, a would-be collector can select a work of art and get presented with a range of “similar” work, much of it for sale. And what this will represent in practice is not just more products to buy but—potentially—future geniuses to coronate.

    New Warhols, come here: We want you.

    Really seems to be a bit more about interior design, than say subject matter—style over substance. A ‘hey, this, looks like that.’ Perhaps it will also make everything feel even more derivative than it already does. I requested an invite so when it is open for public testing we can have a closer look. 


    - NM


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